Broad Lingerie | Because buying a big bra shouldn't be a big deal
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Well hello there!

I’m Sam Conover, the owner of Broad Lingerie. This store is a product of my experience, my expertise and most of all, my passion. I have over ten years of experience in the lingerie industry, primarily as a bra fitter. During that time I encountered thousands of full busted women who expressed the feeling of being an outlier because of their big breasts. As both a fitter and a fellow full busted woman I hated the fact that despite the efforts of some wonderful specialty retailers, many full busted women feel that bra shopping is a stressful, awkward experience.


So I created a store just for people like you and me. A place where you don’t have to ask if we carry your size. A place that listens to your voice. A place that recognizes that busty women are a diverse group with diverse needs when it comes to band sizes, shapes, styles and colours. A place where you’re offered as much help as you need, because we understand that different women have different shopping styles.


Because buying a big bra doesn’t have to be a big deal.