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What do you mean by “as much help as you need?”

Our customer service policy reflects our understanding that different people have different shopping styles. While our ideal service comes with a bra fitting, we understand if you prefer to shop on your own without a fitting. If your needs fall somewhere in between, that’s okay too!


What is a bra fitting?

A bra fitting is a collaboration between you and your fitter where the fitter uses her expertise, experience and product knowledge to match you with styles best suited to your wants and needs. The fitter starts by measuring under and across your bust and uses these measurements to calculate a starting size. You’ll try on a bra in this starting size for the fitter to assess and the fitter will explain what she’s looking for in best fit and will let you know your size. Then you will try on the bras best suited to your shape and size working together with the fitter until you find the bras that you like best!


How long does a bra fitting take?

A bra fitting can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how many different styles you are looking for that day. If you’re just looking for a basic tshirt bra, your fitting can be as short as 15 minutes. If you’re looking to purchase a new bra and swim wardrobe it will probably take an hour (or even a little more!). On average, we recommend setting aside at least half an hour.


Why don’t you carry smaller cup sizes?

We understand that bra shopping can also be difficult for smaller busted women. However, to best meet the needs of full busted women, we believe that specialization is best. If you’re a smaller busted woman having trouble finding a bra, feel free to contact us -we’re happy to provide recommendations for stores that stock smaller sizes.


Do you carry plus sizes?

Of course! We carry bras and underwear in plus sizes and will be carrying plus size swimwear shortly.


Do you carry small band sizes?

Of course! We stock a range of bras and swimwear in 28, 30 and 32 bands.


Do you carry swimwear?

Yes! We know that finding a swimsuit, tankini or bikini that fits is just as hard (or harder) than finding a bra!


Why don’t you carry ________?

As a new small business we can’t carry absolutely everything we want to. We encourage customer feedback –and assure you that we have big plans for the future!


Do you sell online?

Not as of yet –but please stay tuned!


Do you take appointments?

Of course! If you prefer to have your bra fitting scheduled for a set time, you can book an appointment by phone or email. If you’re just passing by, we also take walk-ins. However, if it’s a busy day, there may be a brief wait for a fitting room. Please check out our services offered to learn more about specialized services available to both appointments and walk-ins!


Do you ever have sales?

Yes! We often have end-of-season sales in the Winter and Summer in which we clear out fashion products from the previous season, plus we have special one-time sales and promotions. Frequent shoppers can save by joining our loyalty program. To keep abreast of our sales, promotions and special events, follow us on social media and sign up for our e-newsletter!


How can I take care of my bras/swimwear?

See our Bra & Swimwear Care section for details!


How long will my bra last?

It depends on how many bras you have to rotate and how you take care of them. If you have at least three bras to rotate and you take proper care of them, most bras will last at least a year!


How can I submit comments or suggestions?

We value feedback from our customers! If you have any comments or suggestions, please email them to



Bra & Swimwear Care

A good bra is made to last, but rough treatment will shorten your bra’s lifespan! Follow these tips to make sure your beautiful bras last!


The ideal method of putting on a bra is to clasp it behind the back, as this causes the least amount of stress to the material. The easiest way to do this is to fasten the bra at waist level, shimmy the cups up to bust level and slip your arms through the straps. If this isn’t possible for you, hook the bra up in the front with the cups facing right side up, spin the bra around, shimmy the cups into position and gently slip your arms through the straps. Keeping the cups right side up is super important! If the bra is upside down means you will flip the bra when you spin it around. Flipping the bra will bend the underwire and force it through the stitching of the bra! Once your bra is on, lean forward and reach your hand into the cup to gently potion your breasts within the cups and ensure there is no breast tissue trapped under the wire.


Bras should be hand washed every 1 to 3 wears with gentle detergent in cool or cold water. Frequent washing and cold temperatures are best for the preservation of  delicate lace and elastic! Fill your sink or basin with cool water and add detergent to create a bubble bath for your bras. Let your bras soak for 15 minutes, then gently scrub under the arms with your fingers or an old toothbrush. Rinse with fresh water and gently press out extra moisture with a towel (never wring!). Lay flat or fold over a drying rack by the center gore.


Hand wash your swimwear with a gentle detergent after ever wear -even if you haven’t been in the water! Washing removes salt, chlorine and sunscreen residue which can break down the fibres of your swimsuit.  Soak for 15 minutes, rinse with fresh  water and gently press out extra moisture with a towel (never wring!). Lay flat or fold over a drying rack to dry.


Moulded cup bras or swim tops should be stored open if possible (either hanging or stacked cup-in-cup) as inverting the cups can crease the fabric over time.

You should have at minimum, 3 bras to wash and wear. It’s best not to wear a bra more than two days in a row to allow the elastic in the band to recover. Your new bra will (usually) be fit to the loosest set of hooks. Over time, the band will stretch –if you feel the band shifting or extra pressure on your ribcage, it’s likely because you need to snug up the band by moving to the next set of hooks. Straps will also stretch over time, so if you start to feel bouncier than usual, try tightening the straps a little.



Exchange Policy

We are happy to offer exchanges or store credit on unwashed, unworn and scent-free bras, swimwear tops and sleepwear within 14 days with receipt present and tags attached.

For health, hygiene and courtesy to future customers, all items with a gusset are final sale. This includes underwear, swimwear bottoms, full swimsuits and bodysuits. Items purchased at a discount and accessories such as bra back extenders and detergent are final sale.