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Bra Fittings


The Standard Bra Fitting

The fitter will measure under and across your bust and use these measurements to calculate a starting size. You’ll try on a bra in this size for the fitter to assess and the fitter will explain how a bra should fit and why. Next, the fitter will select the bras best suited to your shape, size, and preferences, and you’ll work together to find the ones that you like best. Throughout the bra fitting you’ll be given tips and tricks on getting a comfortable fit.


Size Only Fitting

The fitter will measure you, assess the fit of a bra in your starter size, explain how a bra should fit and let you know the size that fits you best. That’s it! There’s no pressure to buy – but we won’t be surprised if you decide you do want to shop after all.


Mirror-Free Fitting

While our ideal end game is for you to make friends with the mirror and love how you look in your new bra, we understand that mirrors are tough for some people. If mirrors stress you out, don’t worry! Ask for a mirror-free fitting. We’ll cover the mirror and proceed as usual.


Partially Covered Fitting

In order for you to get the best possible fit, the fitter needs to see how the bra fits your body without a shirt or any other covering. A fitter is not there to judge and is only there to help, and will have seen hundreds of other bodies before. However, we understand some people are uncomfortable baring that much of their bodies. If you’d prefer, we can fit you with a light slip or camisole over top of the bra.



Bra fittings are available on a walk-in, first-come first-serve basis. Unable to come during our store hours, or want to make sure you see a fitter right away? Call us at 647-725-6838 or email us at info@broadlingerie.com to make an appointment.